Federal State Institution «Roads of Russia» of the Federal Road Agency is an entity afforded to manage state property. The Federal Road Agency has functions and powers of the founder.

Federal State Institution «Roads of Russia» is working on realization of federal targeted and departmental programs aimed to develop road services, the implementation of new technologies, road construction materials and work to prepare territory for the construction of federal highways. The Institution provides public services in the road sector.

The main targets of the Institution activity:

  • Participation in the preparation of the reporting and monitoring of set points achievement concerning such federal projects as «Road system» and «System-wide measures in road infrastructure development» of the national project «Safe and high-quality roads»
  • Performing the functions related to the organizational and technical support of the activities of the Departmental coordinating body on project activities in the Federal Road Agency
  • Consulting, informational and methodological support to the participants of the project activities in Rosavtodor (Federal Road Agency)
  • Ensuring the integrated development of the project management in the Federal Road Agency and its subordinate organizations
  • preparation, realization and support the road projects including concession ones and public – private partnership for the Federal Road Agency. The Institution works on road publiс – private projects and covers all the phases of the realization from the organization and support of the concession agreement tender to commissioning of built objects
  • preparing summary reports on state federal targeted and address investment program based on submission received from the Federal Road Agency departments and subordinate institutions
  • preparing summary state statistical and other departmental reporting according to the list adopted by the Federal Road Agency
  • ensuring public service delivery of providing extracts from the unified state registry of highways
  • common pricing strategy development and realization in road construction sector